How to Start a Business
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How to Start a Business

"A Good Business Idea Will Get You Started"

How to start a  business requires the help of a team of professionals in order to do the job right.  A new entrepreneur cannot be expected to know all the legal, accounting, tax, insurance, marketing, and financial planning issues affecting a new business startup.

A Business startup is normally initiated by individuals who have experience in a business sector as an employee. The new entrepreneur has established contracts in the sector, has accumulated savings for an investment and has the ambition to make the business a success.

How to start a business stream of information is available on the internet and especially at the federal, state and provincial government websites. However, the maze of information can be overwhelming for most people and only certain snipets of the facts are really relevant to a small business startup.  The hiring of an experience business coach is a wise investment to get the new venture up and running with as few problems as possible.

Take your time in the planning stage to get educated on the pertinent areas affecting your business. Consider the following steps:

Prepare business plan
Organize professional team
Create legal entity
Negotiate lease on space required, subject to financing
Put financing in order
Setup accounting system
Hire staff
Secure suppliers
Arrange marketing/advertising
Get licensing and tax accounts
Get insurance in place

Your business plan should indicate the proper order of the above steps as they apply to your business situation.  The best time for your training is before the business starts as you will have more time available, plus you should have more knowledge on how to run the business successfully. Never, never assume you know enough about the business, especially on startup situations. 

Always assume the vendor of a small business knows more than you thus do not assume you will make more money than the vendor of the business,

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